Our veterans and pensioners were here for us, now it’s our turn to help them enjoy the sounds of life again

In our military families we know that everyone who served suffered some degree of auditory injury. They’ll often refer you to their “good ear” – if they have one. Whether in training or war, gunfire, blast pressure, all sorts of heavy machinery, aeroplanes, helicopters, airfields, tanks, ships, flight decks – all muffled the sounds they hear now … or there’s silence.

And there’s silence now for so many of our pensioners, among whom are all those who worked the land or were exposed to excessive occupational noise, and did not realise the sounds were damaging their hearing. We can help.

Pathway to better hearing

Under the Hearing Services Program (HSP) scheme, we provide free hearing tests and quality hearing devices to eligible veterans, pensioners and their dependents. If you are eligible, but NOT yet on the scheme, please contact our friendly team to arrange an appointment.

HSP Eligibility

HSP requires that you are an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident, 21 years or older, and

Your Options

Top up:

At Country Hearing Care you are under no pressure to spend any extra money, and our clinicians are not paid commission, and they have no vested interest in Top-Up.

You have the option to spend extra money if you want to choose more sophisticated hearing aids.

If you have medical insurance you may be eligible for the first level Top-Up free of charge.


We provide a Maintenance Agreement ($46.25), under which we maintain your hearing aids and supply your batteries. The DVA covers this cost for eligible veterans. If you prefer not to take up our maintenance agreement, you will need to regularly buy batteries and pay for the servicing and repair of your hearing aids.

Assistive listening devices:

Ask us about the range of assistive listening devices, such as Sennheiser headphones and telecoils that we supply our veterans, under the DVA’s Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP).