We can visit your site with our van – saving you downtime

We can do industrial hearing tests at any of our premises or, to minimize interruption to your workday, we can bring our mobile testing van to your site.

If you are an employer, please give us a call on 1800 432 748 and discuss the discounts we offer for tests for multiple employees.

Occupational hearing loss

Every day in workplaces around Australia, workers are exposed to levels of noise which cause permanent hearing damage. Thankfully, there are laws that mandate employers’ responsibilities to ensure that their employees are protected.

Permanent hearing loss is caused by continuous noise exposure, usually in the higher frequencies. A nearby loud explosion can also have the same affect. Once the damage is done, it cannot be reversed, but hearing protection strategies can prevent further damage. Tinnitus is another result of exposure to the continuous, loud sounds of industry.

If your employees need hearing protection, you must provide audiometric testing within three months from when they start the work, and then at least every two years. You must also provide testing upon a reasonable request by your employee’s Health and Safety representative.

As an employee, as soon as you suspect that you may have a hearing loss caused by excessive workplace noise, it is important that you notify your employer or Occupational Health and Safety officer.