Specialised audiological diagnostics in the country

Our fully qualified staff specialise in complex audiological diagnoses for all ages. You don’t have to travel to Melbourne or Adelaide.

Veterans and Pensioners

We provide free hearing tests and quality hearing devices to eligible veterans, pensioners and their dependents.

Vestibular rehabilitation

We offer a special exercise program, and advise you on how to manage and feel more in control of your symptoms.

Private (Self-funded) Clients

There is no need for a GP referral, just walk in the door at any of our clinics for a one hour hearing diagnosis.

Tinnitus counselling

We can provide relief and help you with management techniques to help quieten the sounds caused by tinnitus.

Paediatric audiology

We provide free children’s hearing health services at Mildura Base Hospital, and private testing at all our clinics.

Industrial hearing tests

We conduct industrial hearing tests at all our premises, or we can bring our mobile van to your worksite.

Wax management

Our fully qualified clinicians are trained in several different wax removal techniques to ensure comfortable and safe results for all clients.