Hearing aid Technology and Accessories

In our modern world communication-technology is king, progressing rapidly in recent years and Hearing Aids are no exception.

Utilizing Wireless and Bluetooth, many hearing devices are now capable of streaming TV and music and linking to mobile phones.

Rechargeable hearing aids are now also very popular and reliable. Hearing aids are available from basic levels of technology to top-of-the-range, premium devices; depending on your requirements and budget we’ll guide you to devices that are suitable for you.


Receiver In The Ear – RITE

Receiver In the Canal devices are probably the most popular style of modern hearing aids. The have a small ‘body’ that sits behind the ear with a tiny wire that leads to a loudspeaker that fits in the ear.

Behind The Ear – BTE

Behind The Ear devices are a more traditional Style of hearing aid with a slightly larger ‘body’ sitting behind the ear containing all the working parts of the aid. A length of thin tubing then carries the amplified sound down to a tip in the ear canal.

Custom Made – ITE/ITC

Custom devices are made to measure ear pieces that sit in the ear. They come in varying shapes and sizes with the smallest devices virtually invisible in the ear of the wearer.

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Hearing aids come in a range of levels of technology which, in-turn, come in a range of prices. As an independent clinic we pride ourselves on our ethical values and pricing. All of our hearing aid fittings are trial based and in the unlikely event of finding yourself not entirely satisifed after a 45 day period, your payment will be refunded*.

Pensioners and Veterans are entitled to services through the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP) which includes free hearing assessments and free basic hearing aids. The HSP will also subsidize the cost of devices further ‘up the ladder’ of technology.

Private/Self funded clients can take advantage of our 3 year Total care package and some of the most competetitive prices on the market. We are happy to provide a free no obligation quotation, valid for 3 months.

*Non-HSP/DVA clients receive full refund less $200 administration fee

Manufacturers / Brands

As an entirely independent clinic, we enjoy the freedom to fit devices from any hearing aid manufacturer. Our aim is to provide the best product to our clients – full stop. Our clinicians can advise you on all of your options at your next appointment.