Country Hearing Care brings free hearing screenings to you

We bring our mobile hearing test unit to field days, farmers’ markets and assorted venues where we provide free hearing tests.

There’s no need to make an appointment.


We are proud sponsors of:

Cash for your club

Invite us along to your event. We’ll set up our mobile hearing screening van, and put on a barbeque for your members and their guests.

For each person who has a free, five minute hearing evaluation, our Hearing Screen-ometer tallies up our donation to your club. Encourage your members to have a free hearing test; it will help them, and it will help your club:

Hearing Tests Our donation
to your club
Hearing Tests Our donation
to your club
10-19 $100 30-39 $250
20-29 $150 40-49 $400
50+ $500

All we ask is that you make your booking at least six weeks in advance.

“Our goal is to create awareness
and promote sound hearing health in our community”

Guest speaker

If your community group or organisation is looking for a guest speaker, we welcome the opportunity for one of our clinicians to share our knowledge with your members in an open forum, where they can ask all the questions about hearing that might have mystified them.