Private Package

1 Hearing Aid 2 Hearing Aids
Platinum $3700 $7400
Gold $3250 $6500
Silver $1975 $3950
Bronze + $1400 $2800
Bronze $1000 $2000

Pensioner/Veteran Package

1 Hearing Aid 2 Hearing Aids
Platinum $2750 $5500
Gold $2300 $4600
Silver $975 $1950
Bronze + $400 $800

At Country Hearing Care there are no hidden costs, no surprises

Controversy about the audiology industry remains prevalent, and was covered briefly in ABC radio’s “Have I got a hearing aid for you!” — and the Transcript.

We know that achieving a balance between running a business based on an ethical business model, and delivering the best outcome for clients, does not require compromise.

Improving your hearing need not cost as much as you think, especially when you take away the commission, the hard sell, and technology you may not even need. You have a choice.

We will work with you, to ensure that your hearing devices will suit your budget.

  •  We focus on you, our client, not sales
  •  We encourage you to take away the information we give you, so you can think about it
  •  We will not pressure you to buy something more expensive than you need
  •  We offer you a variety of hearing devices; we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer
  •  None of our clinicians is paid commission nor any incentives for hearing aids/devices sales
  •  None of our clinicians is given targets for hearing aids/devices sales.

Hearing aids on the internet

Are they safe? Where did they come from? Were they used? How can I get them adjusted?

The initial online cost appears less expensive, yet fitting and adjustment is critical as your brain re-conditions itself to selective listening skills.

  • Failure to identify a surgically or medically treatable hearing loss
  • Failure to diagnose medical conditions of the ear
  • Poor device choice for the individuals physiology, capabilities and hearing
  • Deficient correction of the hearing loss

Source: Audiological Society of Australia

  • Noise injury through improper amplification
  • Absence of specific device features for individual needs
  • Purchase of an inauthentic or inferior device
  • No backup or support services over the long-term,
    including important adjustments.