You have a choice

Hearing aids today are light years ahead of the whistling ‘mini tractors’ that our grandfathers wore! And the technology that powers them improves exponentially.

They are miniaturised, contain microcomputers, and increasingly sophisticated electronic circuitry means they are more efficient and can be adjusted to focus on your particular hearing loss, and be re-programmed as your hearing changes.

Our professional autonomy means we can we supply the latest generation of hearing products from many manufacturers, so you have a wide choice. Contact us, and our clinicians will help you understand your options and discuss your preferences.


Most hearing aids are powered with zinc-air batteries, and sizes are colour-coded: Blue (675) – Orange (13) – Brown (312) – Yellow (10).

  • They will last an average of 10 days to 2 weeks.
  • Wait one minute after pulling sticker, to insert.
  • After replacing them, put the notice on your calendar or the ‘fridge.
    We all need reminders!
  • Note the expiry date on the package.
  • Most hearing aids are not waterproof.
  • To save power, turn them off at night, open the battery door, or remove the battery.
  • Always carry spares. They’re sure to run down at the most inconvenient time!
  • Battery life is shorter during cold weather.
  • Call us (1800 432 748) to order new batteries.

batteries-echargerWe are working to provide our hearing aids with re-chargeable batteries, so you can avoid all that hassle.

Ask us about the easy to use, eco-friendly eCharger.

Ear plugs – be proactive

Protect your hearing! How loud is too loud? A normal conversation is about 60 decibels (dB), which is far exceeded by the damaging sounds of loud industrial environments, farm equipment, power tools, lawnmowers, motorbikes.

Have you thought of wearing ear plugs to a loud concert? You can hear the music, and protect your hearing! Loss of pressure when flying or diving will also damage our hearing. And we especially need to protect our children’s hearing.

Some of us find that earplugs will not stay in. Rather than buy off-the-shelf, we recommend that you have them custom-made:

  • They will fit you perfectly
  • Be easier to insert and remove
  • Give you the best noise reduction and protection
  • Last for several years, as they’re made of medical-grade silicone

We will examine your ears, take an impression, and your earplugs will be ready in about two weeks.

If you have a special ear for music, high-fidelity earplugs produce the best acoustic quality, as their filters, ranging from 9dB to 25dB, preserve timbre and quality for a more balanced and realistic sound. As the instrument you play and your musical environment govern which is best for you, our clinician can help you.


Similar to noise plugs, these have a tight silicone water seal, and are essential if you have recurrent ear infections, or conditions where you need to keep your ears dry. They also help if you dislike the sensation of water in your ears, and will protect your ears from swimming pool chemicals.


If you ride, you know the temporary deafness and noise fatigue from your machine and the ambient wind noise. Earplugs will reduce noise and protect your ears from the wind, the primary cause of damage to a rider’s hearing. You can still hear the vital low-frequency horns, sirens, other traffic, even your backseater! We also have earplugs with built-in speakers for communication between riders. Give us a call, so we can help you “ride safe”.